• Ilija Jahura: Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

    Ilija Jahura is a Kelowna-based fitness expert and health consultant. Ilija primarily focuses on helping clients navigate all health- and fitness-related junctures in their daily lives, including diet planning, cardiovascular and hypertrophy training, as well as muscle and strength development. He has long claimed that fitness is not his number one goal. His real goal is to help his clients feel comfortable in their own skin while tackling their own goals.

    When onboarding a new client, the first thing Jahura asks is what kind of goals the client is looking to reach. Once this has been established, he works with the client to create a feasible plan to achieve those dreams. Ilija says the most worthwhile part of his job is seeing a client getting the results they have worked so hard for. No feeling can be better than that.

    When Jahura isn’t at work, he can often be found spending time with friends and family. As someone who is interested in learning what the body can do, Ilija is known around town for being a major sports fan: basketball, football, soccer — you name it!

    And of course, Ilija also enjoys taking the time to get in a good workout or read up on the latest literature and news related to the physical fitness world.

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